40th Anniversary of Alstede Farms

40 Years and Growing!

Alstede Farms 40th Anniversary

This year, 2022, the Alstede Family and staff are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Alstede Farms. As part of our celebration, we held an ice cream flavor contest with 3 new farm fresh flavors: blueberry lemon, carrot cake, and peach cobbler. And the winner is…click here to find out! We also created a special theme for our giant A-Maz-ing Corn Maze entitled: “40 years and growing”.

Our giant corn maze is open along with many other fun farm activities! Be sure to stop by our ice cream stand and try some of our Alstede Fresh home peach cobbler ice cream!

Farmer Kurt W. Alstede started farming on a couple acres of farmland located in Chester Township, NJ back in 1982. The farmland was originally owned by the Mennen family purchasing the land in the late 30’s as a gentleman’s farm where they raised black angus bulls and named it Hideaway Farm.  Farmer Kurt began farming at this tract in 1984 and moved onto the property in 1986 and has been living here ever since. To learn more about Alstede Farms’ mission and history, visit our blog.

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of Alstede Farms! During that time, we’ve been providing fresh fruit and vegetables along with memorable farm experiences to many families.

Here are some highlights of the farm’s evolution over the past 40 years:

  1. Spring 1982 – Kurt Alstede, a first generation farmer, begins his farming business at the age of 18.
  2. Spring 1983 – The Alstede Family purchases a small farm on Schooley’s Mountain. This property has been permanently preserved and is still farmed to this day.
  3. Fall 1986 – Pleasant Hill Farm Stand is open and offers Pick Your Own (PYO) pumpkins. Alstede Farms was one of the first farms to pioneer PYO pumpkins with a hay ride.
  4. Spring 1987 – With the success of PYO pumpkins, PYO strawberries are offered at the Pleasant Hill Farm Stand.
  5. April 1990 – In what was a leap of faith, the farm store was built to offer the community the opportunity to purchase farm fresh produce. This farm store is the same store in which you can purchase farm fresh goods today!
  6. Spring 1992 – In an effort to diversify homegrown crops, Alstede Farms plants its first tree fruit, a peach tree.
  7. Fall 2001 – Continuing in our pioneering ways, Alstede Farms first giant corn maze opens.
  8. Spring 2006 – Alstede Farms, the largest farm in Chester Township, is permanently preserved in an effort to provide open space and farm land for generations to come.
  9. May 2009 – First distribution of the modern Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), a membership that provides a weekly box of produce to its members. This program began as a way of meeting consumer demand and has grown into one of the largest CSA programs in the state of NJ.
  10. 2010 – To meet consumer demands once again, Alstede Farms qualifies for USDA Organic Certification and becomes one of the first farms in Morris County to achieve such a distinction.
  11. 2011 – Harvest Hall, a renovated barn and airplane hanger, opens for special events and gatherings. This space has provided countless families the opportunity to host their special event utilizing the beauty of the farm as a background.
  12. Summer 2011 – Farm Fresh Alstede ice cream debuts to much success. Our farm fresh ice cream utilizes produce grown right here on our farm to make delicious treats!
  13. Fall 2015 – Alstede Farms makes its first batch of cider with its own apples in the new cider mill. To this day, Alstede Farms is one of the only few Apple farms that makes cider from their own apples.
  14. Spring 2019 – In an effort to expand local food production, Alstede Farms acquired a preserved farm in Middle Valley. Alstede Farms now grows and offers over 250 different types of produce.
Farmer Kurt
Peach Trees
Alstede Farms Farm Store
Freshly Inspired CSA Program
Alstede Fresh Apple Cider

Alstede Farms is a first-generation farm now celebrating its 40th year!