Farming Practices

farming practices


We are proud of our local family owned farm and our positive contributions to the quality of life for residents. Since Hermann S. Alstede, Sr. arrived here from Germany at Ellis Island in 1922 our family has lived the American immigrant dream.

Ever since then, we’ve recognized the bounty that God has so generously blessed our nation with. As such our family and staff are fully committed to the stewardship of natural resources and the production of healthy, nutritious, sustainable, and safe local foods for you and your family. Here are all the reasons why we want you to “Know Your Farmer, and Know Your Food!”

We Honor God

We celebrate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation and recognize that, as farmers, we are stewards of His natural resources. For this reason, we are fully committed to using sustainable and natural farming practices that not only maintain but also improve the multiple natural resources that that are used in local food production. This includes our soils, water, wildlife, air, pollinators, and the natural beauty of our area.

We Value Our Team Members

People are the most important resource on our farm. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to produce the best fruits and vegetables in the northeast. In order to support our team and their families, we charge “Dignity Prices” for all of our produce. This ensures that every member of our team receives wages and benefits that not only properly provide for their needs, but also allow them to prosper as residents of New Jersey. Further, our “Dignity Pricing” also allows us to provide a professional work environment that fosters mutual respect, care for one another, and professional and personal development.


We are a truly local family farm. Our local farm production standards and attention lead to the best-tasting and most nutritious fruits and vegetables available. We take the time to select the very best crop varieties that are either native to our area or were bred specifically to thrive here in the Garden State. We don’t need genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) to meet our goals of successful crop yields. Rather, we draw on many decades of personal experience and specially selected heirloom, vintage, and classic varieties—including many bred at our own Rutgers University—to ensure our customers savor the very best selection, quality, and flavor.

We Take Care of Our Soil

Alstede Farms and our founder, Kurt Alstede, have been nationally recognized multiple times for our soil and water conservation practices. We know that good soil and clean water are essential for great crop production. We also know that taking care of our soil is essential to securing local food production for future generations.

Our farm uses only sustainable and natural growing methods. We strive for eco-diversity and the long-term enhancement of the natural resources in our care. Rather than depleting them, our soils become healthier each year because of our efforts in:

  • Regular soil testing
  • Monitoring plant nutrient levels
  • Green manures
  • Cover crops
  • Contour farming
  • Conservation tillage
  • Manure application
  • Adding organic matter and leaf mulching
  • Supplementing essential plant nutrients
  • Maintaining soil pH
  • Crop rotation

We could grow fruit and vegetables without such efforts, but it just wouldn’t feel right—and it wouldn’t lead to the flavors that we know belong only to Alstede Farms.