Become a Chapter Host

spread the love by hosting a chapter

Bring Joy: Friends and Family will Love it

Create a connection for people in your life, one that is based on healthy foods and weekly surprises. Consider starting a freshly inspired chapter with your closest family, friends, and neighbors.

Digging into a fresh new Alstede Farms freshly inspired box is better than opening gifts on Christmas morning. Now, imagine bringing that feeling to your chapter members once a week for a season!

Enjoy the Reward: Receive a Discount by Hosting

Alstede Farms shows its appreciation for our chapter hosts by treating them like VIPs. Host a chapter of our CSA to earn a discounted or free share:
5% off membership to host a chapter
10% off for chapters with 5-10 members
20% off for chapters with 10-19 members
50% off for chapters with 20-24 members
Free share for chapters with 25 or more members
That’s a wonderful way to eat healthy, fresh and save!

Work together: Grow your Chapter

Enroll 5 new members in a chapter and each member receives a $15 gift card to Alstede Farms, never expires
Enroll 10 new members in a chapter and chapter receives a mini sharing table for your chapter each week (valued at $1550)
Enroll 20 new members in a chapter and each member receives a free breakfast admission for a family of 5 (valued at $75 each)

Become a Chapter Host


here’s how a chapter host shares the joy

Twenty is the magic number

  • Pick 20 friends who want a harvest box for the season.
  • Delivery is free with 20 members. Chapters with less than 20 members simply split the delivery fee among all members.
  • Once your chapter reaches 20 members, we will refund 50% of your membership fee.  It’s that easy!

Choose your delivery site wisely

  • When you pick the site, think about your darling bits of greenery, the tender tomatoes, and the delicate skins of your peaches and blueberries. Think shade. Go for a spot that’s cool and dry. Your produce and your chapter members will love you for it. Eggs should have a cooler or a refrigerator.
  • Designate your chapter pick-up time that will remain consistent throughout the season such as; 4 to 6 pm, 2 to 8 pm. Then oversee pick-up, either by being physically present or leaving a list for members to check off.
  • Changes? Alstede Farms team members are ready to assist you in any way.
  • Your delivery site address will only be provided to those in your chapter, it will not be made public to protect your private information.

The first delivery day can be a challenge for your members and for the delivery driver.  The best way to ensure a smooth first delivery and pick up is to make accommodations to meet the driver and your members or designate a person to stand in for you.