Updated Pick Your Own Policies and Rules

Alstede Farms Pick Your Own (PYO) 

Pick Your Own season is now open for the 2024 season.  Please review updated rules and procedures if you have not been to the farm in a little while. Pick Your Own will now be open everyday through the month of November.

Please be warned: theft of product or services will result in prosecution.

  • First and foremost, the preferred method of purchasing a PYO ticket is to pre-purchase them online prior to your visit. Each guest that enters the fields has to have a ticket with them that includes an entry fee.
  • The best way to guarantee your entry for PYO activities is to purchase a ticket with a check-in time prior to arriving at the farm.
  • With each PYO entry ticket, there is a produce container associated with the purchase.
  • Each PYO entry ticket includes a container, the value of the produce associated with filling the container, and wagon rides to and from the fields.
  • You may purchase additional containers but you must first purchase a PYO entry ticket.
  • Please keep in mind that if you purchase an additional container without a PYO entry ticket, you will not be allowed in the fields.
  • A time slot is associated with each entry fee. Time slots are available every thirty minutes.
  • Please wear appropriate foot wear as this is a working farm and you could be walking on uneven landscape.
  • Wagon rides to and from the fields will be available.
  • Walking to and from the fields will be permitted, but not anywhere else on the farm.
  • Outside food will not be permitted at the farm or inside the PYO fields.
  • Due to updated guidance from the Department of Health and the FDA, Pets/Animals/Dogs will not be permitted inside the PYO fields.
  • Outside bags or containers are not allowed for produce/food storage.
  • Stay and pick in designated areas only.
  • Guests will not be allowed in other areas that have not been marked.
  • Eating produce in the fields is strictly prohibited.
  • There will be no refunds or exchanges associated with Pick Your Own (PYO) tickets or activities.
  • Please make sure you have plenty of water before heading into the fields.
  • Entry to PYO is only guaranteed with the purchase of an advanced ticket. We can not guarantee PYO entry for walk-in guests. Tickets purchased at the PYO sheds will incur a $8.00 per ticket convenience fee.

Following these rules and guidelines will enable us to provide a safe and enjoyable PYO season for everyone on the farm.