Certified Organic

certified organic

certified organic

You’ll also see our commitment to our local environment in our USDA Organic Certification. A portion of our farm is Certified Organic and the produce from those fields proudly bears that label. We undergo a rigorous inspection each year and perform a great deal of record keeping so we’re always in compliance. Few local farms are able to meet the strict standards of organic certification. We’re proud that our customers can see our dedication to quality local foods. We know it’s worth it.

Integrated Pest Management

Pests and crop damage can take a serious toll on food quality. But sprays and pesticides aren’t the only solutions. We reduce the risk with a system that is both effective and sustainable. It’s called Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

We use many different practices to ensure that all sorts of pests—including insects, diseases, weeds, and more—are less likely to harm our crops. It all starts with thoughtful prevention ideas such as:

  • Wise site selection for plantings
  • Crop rotation
  • Pheromone trapping
  • Planting resistant varieties
  • Using biological controls and predatory insects
  • Cultivation
  • Eliminating alternate hosts


We contract with Rutgers University and other crop consultants to assist us in monitoring our crops and pest populations so we know exactly when we must control a pest.

Using IPM over time tremendously reduces dependence on pesticides. Today, we only make an application in extreme situations when there’s no other way to protect our crops.

A portion of our farm is Certified Organic and the produce that is grown and harvested from those fields proudly bears that label.