Ways to eat fresh

ways to eat fresh


Discover something new in every box by getting subscribed to community supported agriculture and there are daily discoveries near you that starts in June, every morning.


You’ll find the freshest produce of the season in every weekly Freshly Inspired box. Each week, the Alstede Farms staff selects only the best fruits and vegetables and carefully packages them for you. Sometimes you’ll discover an extra surprise like herb plants to start your own herb garden and recipes with new tastes and techniques. Don’t miss your chance to sign up for our Freshly Inspired CSA. We offer multiple membership choices and pickup/delivery locations. It’s the best way to truly enjoy everything the season has to offer.

Farmers Market(s)

Alstede Farms associates pick the freshest fruits and vegetables and rush them our Farmers Markets in New Jersey. All of Alstede Farms produce is sustainably grown and some are labeled certified organic. Bring all the best of summer to your dinner table tonight along with ornamental plants, cut flowers, home-baked pies, and brownies. Look at our current schedule and locations near you and discover the most convenient way to shop at Alstede Farms. Thanks to our Farmers Markets, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find our products near you.

Alstede Fresh Retail Locations

In addition to area farmers’ markets and our Chester Farm Store, you can find Alstede Fresh produce at Alstede Fresh at Chester, Alstede Fresh at Bridgewater, and our newest location, Alstede Fresh at Lindeken Farms.   Please note that our Chester Farm Store and Alstede Fresh at Lindeken Farms are both open year round.