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the freshly inspired CSA—your weekly box of farm fresh produce!

You’ll find the freshest produce of the season in every freshly inspired box. Each week, our team picks only the best fruits and vegetables and carefully packs them for you.

Don’t miss your chance to join this year’s freshly inspired CSA. It’s the best way to truly savor the season.

Inspired savings – Save money using our smart payment plans and early-enrollment discounts when offered.

Choose from our 12-week, 22-week, or 34-week CSA Membership options.


Holiday Harvest Membership

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Your freshly inspired box lets you revel in new discoveries each week. You’ll enjoy freshly picked produce staples as well as a constantly changing adventure of newly ripened crops—in a delightful variety that unfolds throughout the year. Want to see what our typical CSA weeks look like? Visit our archives page to see what we offer.

***Please Note that this program is a membership program and a partnership between the community and farm. As we plan months in advance for this membership, cancellations and refunds are not offered. If there are any issues throughout the year, please feel free to reach out to the farm at any time to discuss solutions.***

full share

  • Average 25-30 lbs. of produce each week.
  • Perfect for a larger family or a smaller family looking to try new things and get the most variety that we have to offer. Full Share members will often receive our more unusual or limited-quantity items in their shares throughout the season.

half share

  • Average 12-15 lbs. of produce each week.
  • Our most popular share size! More variety than our personal share size, and more bang for your buck!

personal share

  • Average 8-10 lbs. of produce each week.
  • A great share size for a single person or a couple on-the-go who still wants to enjoy a smaller amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables each week.

Membership Benefits

Along with your weekly produce box, your 2024 CSA memberships include other benefits such as:

*Free Pick Your Own (PYO) Admission (just pay for container)
*CSA Day – an exclusive members-only fun farm event
*Free admission to one of our Harvest Moon Hayride events
*And more!

Why Choose Our CSA?

  • Customize Your Weekly Share – All of our members are able to fully customize their shares every week! Using specialized technology, you are able to set up your produce preferences and each week you will have option to add items, swap items, and remove items from your box! This helps you reduce waste and get the most out of your CSA experience.
  • More variety than any other CSA! Seasonal, homegrown, sustainable and certified organic items – Over 250 different varieties of non-GMO fruits and vegetables are grown utilizing water and soil conservation methods, and integrated pest management. A portion of our farm is certified organic by the USDA and those crops are proudly listed as certified organic.
  • Experience more fresh fruit – Your freshly inspired vegetables will never be lonely with the accompanying fruit grown on our farm including berries and many varieties of tree fruit starting with strawberries and continuing with blueberries, peaches, plums, pears, nectarines, apples, and more! Our membership includes the most homegrown fruit in Northern New Jersey
  • Grown in New Jersey – Did you know that the average distance each piece of produce travels to reach a grocery store is 1500 miles? With a Freshly Inspired Harvest Membership, the average distance our produce travels is about 31 miles. When you eat locally, not only does your food have more nutrients, but it also benefits the environment.
  • Longest Farm Share Membership in the Area – Our main Farm Share begins at the end of April and continues through the month of December for a total of thirty-four (34) weeks. If 34 weeks is longer than you prefer, we also offer memberships that are twenty (22) and ten (12) week memberships through the main harvest season.
  • Onsite expertise – Your membership lets you spend time with our on-site expert Jennifer Borealo, who’s ready to give you fresh ideas and advice and help you live freshly inspired. Members receive recipes curated by Jenn each week, and can email and discuss their share contents and recipe ideas throughout the season.
  • How-to wisdom in each box – Learn about what’s in the box, along with nutrition and dietary information, recipe ideas, and tips for care and storage all packaged in one newsletter in your box, AND NEW THIS SEASON- weekly recipes and storage tips emailed directly to you each week to help you meal prep for the week!
  • Seasonal and Farm Store Surprises –You have access to a variety of seasonal, locally grown products—such as cranberries in the fall, locally raised turkeys, Christmas trees, and fresh-pressed apple cider from our own orchard and cider mill!
  • Option to pack your own box – Some like their boxes packed for them, both for convenience and for the surprise of receiving new, fresh ideas. Others find ultimate satisfaction in taking the time to pack their own boxes. The choice is yours, if you’d like to pack your own share at our farm store in Chester, we are happy to help!

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