corporate business partners

corporate business partners

Our CSA Program for Businesses—Farm Fresh at Work

Alstede Farms’ Freshly Inspired CSA program brings locally, sustainably and organically grown fruits and vegetables right to your workplace.

  • Employees sign up for a weekly box of farm fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs.
  • You provide a drop-off location for the company.
  • Alstede Farms delivers the boxes fresh from the farm.
Farm Fresh at Work

liven up your workplace

Bringing hand-delivered local produce right into work can have a magical effect:

  • Excitement. Dozens of fresh boxes are spilling out with healthy greenery and vibrant colors—in an otherwise ordinary office. Yes, it’s a big deal. Co-workers gather. They cackle over the contents. They share ideas and recipes. You’re bringing the spirit of a farmer’s market to the office.
  • Time savings. Picking up locally grown farm-fresh foods at the office shortens errands and makes it easier to eat healthy.
  • Healthfulness. It’s an easy-to-implement addition to any health and wellness program. Your employees will thank you, and there’s no additional cost to the company.
  • Community. Show your company’s vision of the bigger picture. It’s a sign of a healthy, vibrant workplace and a commitment to support sustainable, earth-friendly local farms. That’s a win-win!

it’s easy!

The Alstede Farms team handles all the details, ordering, and delivery.

Drop-offs take a matter of minutes and occur with little intrusion.

contact us to discuss bringing Farm Fresh at Work to your workplace!

Corporate Business Partners