about the Alstede family farm

We’re on a Mission to Make Your Family Smile

Alstede History
The Alstedes are farmers. It’s what we do. But maybe it’s more accurate to say that we’re stewardsNourishing a community is a responsibility; we’re stewards of this patch of fertile soil. The soil – we really only borrow it, you know? We touch it, add to it, guide it—and then we take from it, only to begin the cycle anew the next spring. That’s the ultimate level of living in harmony. And we want to welcome you into that circle. Because, seriously, being in it will make you smile.

We look at farming—stewardship—as a tremendous honor. So much that we’ve legally preserved almost every one of these 600 acres. We revere the land partly because it’s really God’s field, too, and every harvest is one that thanks and glorifies Him. In the end, maybe farming is just one way of working miracles through us, through the soil, and through the daily-blossoming smiles of a farmer-steward and his family.


Just Many of the Ways We’ll Make You Smile With Each Unique Visit

– Pick your own fruits and vegetables
– A fully stocked farm store
– Local honey (maybe made by a bee you’ll drive past on your way to Alstede Farms!)
– Homemade ice cream and fudge, home baked pies, jams, jellies, our own cider donuts and more
– Pancake breakfasts and brunches
– Hayrides under the harvest moon
– The giant corn maze, evergreen maze and sunflower trails
– Friendly farm animals
– Pony rides (have you ever heard a pony neigh? It’s something to behold!) and various kid’s activities
– Memorable quality time with your family

Make your next trip to see us memorable. Bring someone you love—better yet, bring someone you want to love even more than you already do. Because Alstede Farms has a way of bringing people closer. It’s why we do what we do. Come see us and take a smile back with you.

– The Alstede Farms Family