Bienvenido a Alstede Farms

Nuestra finca es una invitación en constante cambio para disfrutar de lo mejor que la tierra tiene para ofrecer.

Cada temporada trae nueva diversión para su familia y nuevos sabores a su mesa.

Y es por eso que cada visita a Alstede Farms es un descubrimiento.

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    Auto Draft

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    Cool as a Summer Cucumber

    Have you ever heard the term “cool as a cucumber”? This term is said to have derived from the cucumber’s potential ability to cool the temperature of the blood. How utterly cool is that?  Cucumbers are a member of the gourd family and are technically a fruit in the botanical sense as they contain seeds inside. […]

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    Squash-ingly Delicious Summer

    Summer Squash is not a vegetable per se, it’s technically referred to by horticulturists and plant scientists as a “pepo” which is a type of hard-walled berry. Cucumbers and watermelon are described as pepo as well. Summer squash is a vining plant that can include so many different types of squash, from yellow squash to […]

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    Get Ready to Broc Your World!

    Broccoli is in season right now on our farm and we’re excited to share with you all about why broccoli is a healthy food choice due to its high nutritional content, delicious taste, and wide availability and appeal.  Broccoli is a sun loving, cool weather crop harvested on our farm both in the Spring & […]