Alstede Farms A-Maze-ing Corn Maze
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  • Home to one of the rarest “farms” in the country, the Telcordia Telephone Pole Farm. It’s also the home of our farm store, one of our four farm markets and our pick your own farm!
  • This town was named in honor of a former U.S. President and formed on 2/11/04, that’s 1804! It is also home to our 4th farm store location, Alstede Fresh at Lindeken Farms, where you’ll find fresh produce, baked goods, dairy items, and pantry staples and it’s open every day!
  • This town boasts more biotech companies than any other and is the home of a minor league baseball team. The origins of the town connect back to agricultural roots, you can find our farm market located at Route 202/206 in this nearby municipality.
  • Listed on the National Register of Historic Places for one of the most historic Revolutionary War Sites, The Pluckemin Continental Artillery Cantonment Site. Find us here at their well-attended weekly farmers’ market on Saturdays in season.
  • A cosmopolitan city located along the Hudson River also considered New Jersey’s oldest city. Best known for its fine dining and proximity to Lady Liberty. Find us at this city's bountiful and bustling farmers' market every Sunday at Riverview Fisk Park.
  • This town can honestly say that George Washington slept here, as it’s widely known as George Washington’s winter headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Find Alstede Fresh produce at their weekly farmers’ market from June through November.
  • Informally referred to as “The Rose City” after becoming a major producer for the commercial rose industry. Home to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey and a long-running, weekly farmers’ market where you’ll find fresh produce every Thursday.
  • The site of the first grist mill in NJ, this township hosts a farmers market every Saturday on Main Street. Due to its central NJ location, this township is home to many NYC commuters and is able to boast the slogan “ten small towns, one great community” referring the 10 towns within its borders.
  • One of only a few distinctive gaslight villages in NJ, it is bordered by Maplewood and Newark. This town hosts a weekly farmers’ market and is part of the South Mountain Reservoir bordering Orange and Millburn.
  • Home to 170 parks, it is the least populated borough in NYC and the only one not connected to the subway system. This location hosts a vibrant Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) chapter where we deliver customized boxes of fresh produce each week.
  • Located 10 miles NW of midtown Manhattan, this town touts the bragging rights of former NY Giants Head Coach Bill Parcells growing up there. It’s also a CSA chapter location where you receive a weekly box of fresh produce; delivered to your home or picked up at the chapter host location.
  • This town, along the Raritan River, is known for a famous Revolutionary War battle which bears the town's name. It’s also home to the Frelinghuysen Tavern, famous for being the first place where the Declaration of Independence was read out loud in 1776.