Box Contents – Holiday Harvest Week 3, 2017

Box Contents – Holiday Harvest Week 3, 2017

Holiday Harvest Week 3, 2017: December 14, 2017

Thursday Classic Harvest Boxes

Ultimate Box Family Box Essential Box
Apple Cider Apple Cider Apple Cider
Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples
Winesap Apples Winesap Apples Winesap Apples
Broccoli Fingers Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts Carrots Carrots
Cabbage Cabbage Pinto Beans
Carrots & Parsnips Radishes Popcorn
Hot Peppers Pinto Beans Potatoes
Pinto Beans Popcorn Radishes
Popcorn Potatoes Tomatoes
Radishes Acorn Squash
Acorn Squash

Thursday Jersey Fresh Necessities Boxes

Ultimate Box Family Box Essential Box
Apple Cider Apple Cider Apple Cider
Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples Pink Lady Apples
Winesap apples Winesap apples Winesap apples
Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts
Carrots Carrots Carrots
Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes
Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes
Pinto Beans Pinto Beans Pinto Beans
Acorn Squash Acorn Squash Acorn Squash
Cabbage Popcorn Popcorn
Broccoli Fingers
Please note that from time to time you may receive different items in your box than what is on the list. This is due to the natural growing process and at times we may experience shortages of specific produce, and may have substituted the items for other produce.

Helpful information about herbs you received can be found here: Your 2017 CSA Herb Garden

Helpful information on share contents can be found in the Produce Information Booklet

Culinary Expert Jenn“Food For Thought” by Jennifer Borealo

Every year is different and the weather brings new challenges for our production team. This year the challenges of extreme cold in November and unseasonably cold temperatures through December spurred our team into defensive action. We had to gather and cover and watch the true growing season come to a screeching halt. A little early snow adds to the wonder, what could possibly come to us fresh from the fields. By some miracle, many fresh crops have withstood the elements with the help of our protective methods. There is a little broccoli that will be in full shares, Napa Cabbage for a change and Brussel sprouts that have been removed from the stalk that we will have from the fields this week.
I have been eating an apple a day. Mostly Pink Ladies, I cannot get enough of them. In years passed we were fighting over them. This year there are enough to go around. The late apples are holding their flavor and crisp texture making them great to eat just out of hand. Randi in the Farm Store ordered in some great natural nut butters served along with a sliced apple and you have a farm favored snack. When I need to feed my sweet tooth I can sometimes drizzle over the peanut butter with a little honey too. I hope that some of you are enjoying that simple snack as well. Apples, apples, apples, I noticed on Facebook that Kandace Kullmann posted applesauce that she had prepared with “so many apples” from her share. The applesauce is in Ball canning jars so I think that she is prepared to store for winter use. Applesauce is great side dish, delicious on oatmeal, good for baking, I think I might make some too. Pink ladies will be in the shares as well as Winesap apples, the best of the keepers.
Not in the shares before during this season, French Horticultural beans, also known as Cranberry beans and Borlotti beans for the Italian variety. The most common name is pinto, probably because Tex Mex and Mexican Cuisine is one of the most popular to prepare. These beans are shelled and then dried, but not dried as much as the beans you would purchase in bags in the supermarket. We have prepared them in soup, hummus, and we have sprouted these beans. I am including a recipe this year for slow cooker or crockpot beans. Once they are prepared they can be served as a side dish, added to your favorite recipe, or made into a dip, recipe included.
I love the recipes that all of you have included for squash on Facebook. Delicata apparently made quite a hit. This week we will have acorn in the shares, I will keep an eye on your ideas so I continue to be inspired. Heather Eckel posted
a Cranberry upside down cake. It is beautiful and could be the perfect dessert on your Hanukah or Christmas table. Until next week, from , enjoy the freshness.