Bienvenido a Alstede Farms

Nuestra finca es una invitación en constante cambio para disfrutar de lo mejor que la tierra tiene para ofrecer.

Cada temporada trae nueva diversión para su familia y nuevos sabores a su mesa.

Y es por eso que cada visita a Alstede Farms es un descubrimiento.

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  • totally pop-corny

    totally pop-corny

    Popcorn is said to have originated over 5,000 years ago by the Aztecs and that they used it for decorating clothes for ceremonial gatherings and for eating.  Popcorn is it’s own specific seed, it is not sweet corn that is left to dry. We grow four varieties of popcorn on our farm, Butterfly, Mushroom, Strawberry […]

  • Auto Draft

    Auto Draft

  • alstede-fresh-cucumbers

    Cool as a Summer Cucumber

    Have you ever heard the term “cool as a cucumber”? This term is said to have derived from the cucumber’s potential ability to cool the temperature of the blood. How utterly cool is that?  Cucumbers are a member of the gourd family and are technically a fruit in the botanical sense as they contain seeds inside. […]

  • IMG_1686

    Squash-ingly Delicious Summer

    Summer Squash is not a vegetable per se, it’s technically referred to by horticulturists and plant scientists as a “pepo” which is a type of hard-walled berry. Cucumbers and watermelon are described as pepo as well. Summer squash is a vining plant that can include so many different types of squash, from yellow squash to […]