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Using Produce’s Tops & Bottoms

Learning to use the entire part of fruits and vegetables is not only sensible, it’s environmentally friendly, more economical, and healthier for you.  Purchasing whole vegetables from the growing source ensures fresher produce and is a better value than packaged food, not to me

Give ’em pumpkin to talk about

This is the season for pumpkins and spice and everything nice and as farmers we just love seeing the magnificent pumpkin receive well deserved recognition. We believe that nature provides all of the nutrients our body needs by eating in harmony with the seasons and consuming pumpkin

Composting to Reduce Food Waste

Compost is made up of organic material that’s added to soil providing nutrients to help plants grow. Composting is not only good for plants, it also helps reduce your carbon footprint which is so important to many of us today.  Kitche