Party Slot Terms and Conditions

party slot terms and conditions


In connection with your event, a deposit of $175 for reserved outdoor party areas and $295 for Harvest Hall must be made to secure the date and time. Please note that those deposits are non-refundable but transferable to another event ONLY.

Final Arrangements:

All final arrangements including final headcount and food orders for your event must be made by the Monday, 2 weeks before the event. Any changes to food orders, number of tables, catering or electric service to your tent within 2 weeks of the event will be subject to an additional $10 per change. Within 72 hours changes to tour or hayride times, additions of private activities such as a private moon bounce or pony for your event will be an additional $75 fee. If no confirmation is made 2 weeks prior the original contract will be applied.

Bringing your own food:

If you would like to bring your own food to the farm, please make sure that you read and sign the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines on food safety and food handling that is laid out in an attached document. Signing this agreement confirms your receipt, acknowledgment and understanding of this document and that all food safety guidelines and procedures will be followed.

Industry Standard Service Fee:

There will be a $49 service fee added to the bill for any incidentals as part of your Reserved Party Area. A $99 service fee will be added to the bill for any incidentals as part of your Harvest Hall rental.

Outside Caterers or Vendors:

A $300 fee per vendor will be charged for outside caterers with food or other merchandise, including clowns, DJs or bands, photographers and videographers, characters, musicians and face painters. Arrangements must be made prior to 2 weeks in advance of your event to notify us of outside vendors. All outside vendors are required to have an insurance certificate on file with us 2 weeks prior to your event. If there is an outside vendor that you would like to use, please contact the special events team manager to ensure compliance with our insurance and get details for the specific COI needed. Please note that vendors without the proper insurance cannot be allowed to perform activity under any circumstances.

Food Delivery Times:

Every attempt will be made to accommodate specified food delivery times, however, please note that food delivery times can vary by as much as 10 -15 minutes depending on the menu items and the amounts you have ordered.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event you must cancel your event, there are several options. 14 days notice must be given and your deposit is transferable to book another event with us, however, if you need to cancel your event and not reschedule, your deposit will be forfeited. If food was ordered and a deposit made, that deposit will be forfeited. The deposit cannot be used to purchase anything other than another event. If you do not show for your event on the day of, all deposits will be forfeited and a $75 rescheduling fee would apply. In the event of cancellation, we request 14 days notice in advance of the event date.


Please note that during September and October, travel in the area may be heavy as there are multiple Fall Festivals going simultaneously. Please inform your guests and allow yourself extra travel time to the farm during this time. While every effort will be made to keep your event times running on schedule, delays may be possible.

Our Staff:

Our Special Events staff will check in on your event from time to time and you will have the cell phone number of one our special events staff members to contact should you need extra items, however, we want you to enjoy our farm, the activities and your guests in your own way. If you need extra help or special accommodations, please inform us in advance, as we may be able to accommodate you or advise you that you may need a dedicated party attendant to help you with your needs. Please note that those arrangements must be made 2 weeks in advance when finalizing details.


You may arrive 30 minutes (1 hour for Harvest Hall) before your scheduled event time to set up and organize your event. You will be given an extra 15 minutes (1/2 hour for Harvest Hall) after your event to return your belongings to your car and clean up.

Check In:

Please check in at the Information Shed (you do not need to check in if your event is at Harvest Hall) and let us know you are here. One of our Special Events Team Members will help you to your event area and make sure you have everything you need to get started. If you have supplies to be delivered to your area, we can take them in our Gator. We do not allow cars to drive directly to or park next to any of the event areas for safety and insurance

Last Minute Items:

If you need any last minute items such as ice, extra wristbands for activities or need to order additional food or beverages, just let one of our team members know and it will be delivered directly to your event area. Appropriate fees will be charged.

Time Extensions:

If you wish to extend your event time the day of the event, please speak with your attendant. Every attempt will be made to accommodate a time extension for your event if it is possible.  For Reserved Outdoor Party Areas, there is a $79 per hour (fall $99 per hour) fee will be assessed. ($199 per hour for Harvest Hall).

Final Payment:

Payment is due in full at the end of the event. Please note that we accept cash payment as well as all major credit cards.

Restroom Facilities:

Your event attendant will direct you to the restroom closest to your area. If your guests have handicap accessibility needs we have a handicap accessible restroom in the Farm Store.

Alcohol Policy:

We sell wine in our Farm Store, but due to State Laws, we are unable to open it for you or serve it. You are more than welcome to bring your own, however, we cannot be held responsible for you or your guests. Guests that become visibly intoxicated will be dealt with on an individual basis, up to and including being asked to leave the premises.

Guest safety:

Due to inclement weather, we reserve the right to cancel, reschedule or move the event indoors which may result in different times. This measure is applied to protect the guests from extreme weather conditions and ensure the safety of the whole event.

Weather on the farm:

It can be 10 –15 degrees cooler on the farm. Please wear appropriate footwear as picking activities may require walking on uneven ground in the fields or orchards and parking may be in pastures or fields.

Weather Policy:

Please check the day before your tour no earlier than 3 pm for location zip code 07930 and click hour by hour. We look at percentages 2 hours prior, during and 2 hours after your tour. If the weather looks great… GREAT! If the weather looks questionable, please understand our policy below.

We do not cancel your tour for weather-related reasons until 3 pm the day before your tour. In fact, we recommend that you wait until the morning of the day of your tour. One thing that we have learned in over 30 years of providing farm tours is that weather forecasts are usually wrong and that most often the weather is always fine for tours. Weather predictions change, (often!) and we want to give you the opportunity to have the tour, so we do not allow weather-related cancellations or rescheduling until 3:00 pm the day before your tour. If you do cancel/reschedule your event prior to the day of your tour, you will be required to pay a rescheduling fee of $50 and you would forfeit your $75 deposit.

50% + chance of rain: If there is a 50%+ chance of rain starting 2 hours before, during or after your tour shown on the hourly forecast for our zip code at 3 pm the day before your tour on you may reschedule your tour with no rescheduling fees. Your deposit will carry over to the rescheduled date.

Less than a 50% chance of rain: We will mutually discuss and agree to proceed, reschedule or cancel your tour utilizing the fee structure outlined above.

Proceed/postpone due to weather options: It is agreed that is the tool used to verify weather percentages. Simply visit at 3 pm the day before your tour, put in our zip code 07930 and click hour by hour. This is the only tool we use to predict the weather. We always recommend that you wait until the morning of your event prior to making any rescheduling or cancellation decisions.

We continuously monitor the local and regional radar and can give you very good and current advice as to what we expect the weather to be here in Chester at the time of your tour. Remember, just because it’s raining where you are doesn’t mean it will be raining in Chester.

Our goal is to provide you with a fun and safe tour of our family owned farm and our weather policy will help ensure that this happens.

ALL visitors, guests, and customers of Alstede Farms LLC, park and participate in all farm and PYO Activities AT THEIR OWN RISK.