Can’t Cap the Excitement Stemming from Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a fruiting body of a fungus that do not require light like regular plants and are also referred to as toadstools. They are taking the world by storm not only for their culinary flavors but also for their potential medicinal properties and powerful benefits to our ecosystem.  The mushroom is a very nutritious… Read More »

Eating in Season – Potatoes

No Small Potatoes Potatoes are often connected with memorable and comforting occasions as they are an important and valuable staple in numerous holiday recipes and celebrations throughout history. It’s no mistake that the potato has sustained many cultures throughout history, however, did you know that potatoes are also environmentally friendly food? Here’s why, potatoes produce… Read More »

Squash those Winter Blues

Acorn squash is in the same species as zucchini and other summer squashes, however, due to it’s hard-to-cut skin, they are usually treated like vegetables in the culinary world.  Here’s a slight curve ball to digest .. squash is technically a fruit because it contains seeds and originates from the flowering part of plants. Examples of… Read More »

Eating in Season – Cranberry Beans

Cranberry Beans, aka Roman Beans or Speckled Sugar Beans are in the legume family, a powerhouse, nutrient dense protein food group. Legumes are one of the most underrated foods on the planet.  Not only are they delicious, they are also highly nutritious packed with dietary fiber, protein, iron, along with many important vitamins and minerals. Cranberry… Read More »

Eating in Season – Superfood Kale

This week’s eating in season spotlight is on the amazing Superfood Kale. Kale is a dark, leafy green that can be eaten raw or cooked and hails from the cabbage family with relatives including broccoli, cauliflower and collards. This versatile vegetable has been around since Roman times, however, has really made it’s culinary debut in… Read More »

Eating in Season – Winter

We on the farm have always believed in the practice of eating in season for its numerous benefits including; a healthier lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint and because we’re farmers and live closely to, and are in touch with the land. An eating in season lifestyle enhances your body with foods and nutrition required to thrive in… Read More »