Educational Tours

educational tours

Educational Farm Tours

View all lessons and added activities from your field trip. Please feel free to use at school, camp, class, recess and of course, at home. Should you have any additional questions – please contact us at (908) 528-8823, we are always happy to help.

Farm Classroom

We’ve designed our farm classroom with your curriculum needs in mind. Your group will learn selected lessons on farming, food, bees, soil, planting and much more.

Educational Garden

A garden set up specifically for tours with diagrams explaining various aspects of plant development.

Teachers Portal and Bag

We provide teaching materials to teachers for the lesson(s) selected. Also included are lesson activities – a great addition to the lesson. Children will explore through crosswords, coloring pages, a maze and more.

Learn About Bees

Online Classroom

Covering bee anatomy, bee keeping practices, honey production and trivia. Great addition to the classroom bee lesson. Explore through crosswords, coloring pages, a maze and more.

Learn About Farm Animals

Online Classroom

covering all farm animals raised and kept on the farm with fun facts, origins and descriptions. Great addition to the classroom animal lesson and animal lessons at school.

Learn About Greenhouses

Online Classroom

A hand-on guide that will walk you through how to transplant, water and take care of your tomato seedlings. This lesson covers different methods of construction, types and use of greenhouses.

Learn About Fruits

Basket Food Fresh

covers fun facts, cooking recipes, coloring pages and more. Great for school class projects and cooking at home with family. Featured fruits: strawberry, blueberry, peach, raspberry, apple, and pumpkin.

Learn About the Harvest Table

Online Classroom

Covers crops that are currently in season, why we grow them, what are some of their characteristics, and how they are consumed.