Nature’s Bounty In Your Own Backyard

Nature’s Bounty In Your Own Backyard

Nature’s Bounty In Your Own Backyard

Walk on the Wild Side by planting yourself at a local farmers market. There is so much to see and explore. Let’s go on a tour to learn about them.  What is a farmers market? A farmer’s market is where growers can sell their items directly to the consumer. It is said that farmer’s markets… Read More »

Walk on the Wild Side by planting yourself at a local farmers market. There is so much to see and explore. Let’s go on a tour to learn about them. 

What is a farmers market? A farmer’s market is where growers can sell their items directly to the consumer. It is said that farmer’s markets date back to early 1600 in North America and were hosted in city centers as the primary way for people to have access to fresh produce, meats, and dairy items. This still holds true today!  

Things you can find at a farmers market are local produce, handmade items such as candles, soaps, fresh & dried flowers, fresh & dried fruits, locally produced honey, artisanal bread, baked goods, and locally made spirits. New Jersey, also called the garden state, affords so many opportunities to eat local and fresh with over 100 plus farmer’s markets, it’s easy to locate one in a town near your neighborhood. Farmer’s markets take place on different days of the week supplying plenty of chances to shop fresh and local. The best way to find a local market is by inquiring with your local municipality. Another way to find nearby markets is to visit our website or search these other resources; 

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Another way to eat farm fresh is to participate in a local Community Supported Agriculture share. Learn more about CSA by reading about it on our blog.


Fresher than Fresh, directly from the Source

Foods that are grown locally are fresher and retain more nutrients, they also taste better, as they are picked and consumed nearby the source. That’s where your local farmers market comes in real handy this time of year. Eating locally grown food by shopping at your farmer’s markets supports your local economy and fosters a connection with the people who dedicate themselves to growing your food. All of this benefits your health and the environment too, as money spent at a local farm helps maintain farmland and open space in your community. It is said that $1 spent at your local farmers market duplicates that value by double and maybe triple in your region. Supporting farmer’s markets also creates local jobs, preserves America’s rural livelihood and farmland, and promotes sustainability by eliminating the need for food to travel long distances. You can eat locally by visiting nearby farmers’ markets. We make it easy for you to eat farm fresh with our multiple locations and participation in fifteen farmer’s markets across the Garden State.

Farmers markets are open for the season and you can visit a local market every day of the week. We love bringing our freshly picked produce to these markets, increasing access to healthy food, and helping families stay nourished by eating in season. We bring all the best of the season to your dinner table with our 250 varieties of fruits and vegetables (in season), along with local eggs, cookies, bread,  fresh pressed cider, plants, home-baked pies, apple cider donuts, and more. 

Our talented and knowledgeable team members at each of our markets are ready to assist you on your farm fresh journey by suggesting skillfully prepared recipes and storage tips and providing a personalized shopping experience by getting to know your preferences each week.

Neighborhood farmer’s markets can be found in Bedminster, Morristown, East Hanover, Springfield, Elizabeth, Bayonne, Madison, Jersey City, and more locations. Looking for a specific town, visit the schedule at a glance right on our website for more information.  Learn about the origins of the Bedminster Farmers Market by watching this video on youtube


Make Your Meals Shine

Bring the berry best to your dinner table every night by shopping at your local farmers market. Fresh food tastes great alone and does not need much preparation to have your taste buds singing. Summer is a great time to enjoy the fresh tastes and experiment with different flavors found at your local market. Simple peaches drizzled with local honey are better than any other dessert, so fresh and so seasonal. Grilling is a great way to serve sweet corn, summer squash, eggplant, or peppers that are plentiful this time of year. Get inspired with recipes on our website.

Picked at the Right Time 

Nothing tastes as delectable as in-season produce that has been sun-kissed, field-ripened, and fresh-picked, providing the perfect combination for appetizing, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Eating in season lifestyle enhances your body with foods and nutrition required to thrive in that season, affords better taste & flavor from consuming locally grown food that has been picked ripe in the fields, and reduces your carbon footprint as foods are consumed locally where they are grown and not transported great distances, all while providing more harmonious living with nature. 

Our team likes to share recipes and cooking techniques and we post fun tips for you on our social media. Did you know that we have a culinary and educational specialist on staff to help guide you to maximize the flavor and nutrition of eating farm fresh? Check out some of Miss Jenn’s recipe inspirations for eating in the season by visiting our website to be ready to shop at your local farmers market for dinner tonight!