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apples, carrots, Lettuce - Romaine, squash - butternut
By Maxine / December 4, 2019

Easy Fall Harvest Rainbow Salad

Ingredients: 4 cups chopped lettuce (we used a variety of lettuces from the farm, romaine, green leaf, red leaf &...

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apples, Popular Recipes
By admin / May 23, 2018

Herb and Apple Stuffing

16 cups 1-inch bread cubes, white or whole wheat (2 baguettes) 4 tablespoons unsalted butter (1/2 stick) 2 cups medium-diced...

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apples, honey, Popular Recipes
By Donna / December 17, 2018

Honey Gouda Apple Toast

2 slices of thick cut bread lightly toasted 1 T butter 1/2 cup shredded gouda 4-6 slices thick cut bacon...

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By Donna / September 13, 2021

Honeycrisp Apple Tarts

Ingredients: 1 sheet of puff pastry Alstede Farms Honeycrisp Apple Butter 3 Alstede Farms Honeycrisp Apples 1/4 cup sugar 1/4...

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apples, peaches, plums, Popular Recipes
By Donna / August 5, 2019

Magic Peach, Apple, Plum Cobbler

1/2 cup (115 grams or 4 ounces) unsalted butter 1 cup (130 grams) all-purpose flour 1 cup (200 grams) sugar,...

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apples, Popular Recipes, squash - butternut
By admin / December 17, 2018

One Pan Sausage, Squash, and Apples

1 large squash peeled and diced 2 medium apples diced 12 oz kielbasa all natural (no sugar added) 1 medium...

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roasted apples, carrots, potatoes, and onions
apples, carrots
By Donna / November 3, 2021

Roasted Apples, Carrots, Potatoes, and Onions

2 apples, peeled and cut into wedges 1 bunch of carrots peeled and cut in ¼’s lengthwise 1 onion, peeled...

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Alstede Fresh Upside Down Apple Cobblers
By Donna / November 7, 2022

Upside Down Apple Caramel Cobblers

Ingredients: 5-6 medium late season baking apples 3 T butter ¼ C brown sugar Pinch of kosher salt 1/2 t...

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