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Chive Herb Crepes


1 egg
1/2c milk
1/3 c water
1 t melt butter
1 t sugar
1/8 t salt
2-3 T chives
1/3 c + 2 T flour

crumbled bacon, goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms or smoked salmon as addition (optional)


In a large bowl beat eggs with a wire whisk then continue to whisk in milk and water.  Add the salt, sugar, and butter and blend well. Add the flour and mix until smooth Pour the batter through a strainer to remove any lumps.
Heat the crepe pan 8-9” coated surface for at least 4-5 minutes over medium heat. You will know when your pan is ready when holding your hand a few inches above the pan will feel hot and when added sizzles and browns. Now add a little butter.  Melt and allow to become golden.  Excess butter may be wiped away with a paper towel
Hold the handle of your pan in one hand and scant 1/3 c batter in the other.  Be sure you have enough chives in your batter  As you pour in the batter, twirl the pan to move the batter quickly to cover the bottom.  Crepe  will start cooking immediately.  It will cook around edges and brown on the bottom.  It should easily be lifted and turned.   Brown the other side.  Place crepe onto a plate
Repeat 3 more times, add more butter as needed.  Yield depends on the size pan that you are using a smaller pan you will yield more.
Place a piece of waxed paper in between each crepe . Set crepes aside and prepare your favorite recipe for scrambled eggs for the filling, one egg per crepe is generally the rule of thumb. Prepare bacon or sauté mushrooms if prefer meatless dish, you may choose to use sliced smoked salmon to accompany your eggs if that appeals to you. We like to dot our eggs with goat cheese once cooked and removed from the pan. A farm kitchen hint is to remember not to overcook your eggs. Now begin to assemble your crepes by spooning eggs down the center of each crepe.  Add meat, veggies or fish and then fold the edges of the crepe over the filling.  Place the assembled crepes into a baking pan that is loosely covered with foil and place into a warm oven at 200 degrees until sauce is ready.

To make the sauce—melt 1 T butter in a small saucepan, whisk in 1 T flour, mix in 1/2 c warm milk and 1/4 c chicken or vegetable stock and stir until thickened. Add 1-2 T parmesan cheese if desired and stir in 1-2 T chopped chives. Drizzle sauce over warm crepes and serve immediately.  Any extra crepes may be frozen in a sealed plastic bag for up to one month.

Recipe and photo by Jenn Borrealo, Alstede Farms Culinary & Educational Specialist