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Alstede Fresh BLT Club Bites

BLT Club Bites

We’ve reinvented the traditional 1980’s BLT & Chicken Club sandwich giving it a farm fresh, healthy upgrade. Vintage recipes are being reinvented all year long in honor of our 40 years and growing anniversary!

Cook 6 strips of Bacon until crisp drain on paper towel
Roast 1/2 chicken breast
Break off small pieces of lettuce
Cut cherry tomatoes in half or a ¼ slice of a tomato
Toast 2 slices of whole grain bread

Cut the slices of bread in half and cut each half into 4 pieces spread on some mayonnaise
Cut the pieces of bacon to fit the bread. Place two pieces of bacon on Each slice of bread.
Top the bacon with a small piece of chicken
Place a lettuce leaf over the chicken
Skewer the tomato half onto the bamboo fork. Push the tines of the fork into the Prepared open face sandwich.
Pipe a dot of mayo on the top of the tomato(optional)
Place on a tray. Yield should be 12 open face sandwiches

Farm Kitchen Tip: Avocado or hummus can be used in place of bacon or chicken for a vegetarian or vegan dish.

Recipe & photo by Jenn Borealo, Alstede Farms Culinary & Educational Specialist

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