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Cucumber and Chick Pea Salad

1 medium cucumber, striped, seeded, and diced
1-15 oz. can chickpeas drained and rinsed
1/2 medium-large red onion, cut into large chunks
1 jalapeño pepper, minced
1/4 red bell pepper, chopped
1 – 2 garlic cloves
3-4 T chopped Chives
1/3-1/2 c Mint leaves
Juice of 1/2 fresh lime
2 t apple cider vinegar
2-3 T olive oil
Kosher Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
1/2 cup feta cheese, optional.

Stripe the outer layer of the cucumber by removing some of the peel in alternative strips.
Cut cucumber in 1/2 lengthwise and remove the seeds, and dice.
Place your diced cucumber and chick-peas in a medium bowl and set aside.
In the bowl of a food processor or mini chopper, process the onion, garlic, and the herbs. Reserve some of the mint leaves and pieces of chives for garnish, add the herb mixture to the beans and cucumber in your bowl.
Chop the peppers, using rib and seeds of jalapeno depending on heat/spice desired.
Mix the peppers into the bowl.
Add the lime juice, vinegar, and oil, stir to blend.
Add kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.
Allow the salad to marinate for an hour or so and then mix and taste and season again if needed.
Can be served cold or at room temperature as a side dish or main meal.

Farm Kitchen Tip: Serve over a bed or some large lettuce leaves and top with crumbled feta cheese if desired. Transform this into a main dish by serving over brown rice.

Makes 4 servings as a side, 2 servings over brown rice as a main dish. Best eaten fresh, how-ever will keep in your refrigerator for a day or two.

Recipe provided by culinary & educational specialist, Jenn Borealo at Alstede Farms.

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