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Garlic Shrimp with Chervil

2 tablespoons olive oil
3 large garlic cloves, minced
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 pound medium raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
salt to taste
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon dry white wine
2 tablespoons fresh chervil, chopped


Heat olive oil in a skillet and add garlic. Sauté until garlic is softened but not brown, about 2 minutes.

Add red pepper, shrimp and salt and cook for about 2 minutes. Turn shrimp and continue cooking until shrimp becomes opaque, about 2 minutes longer.

Add the lemon juice and wine, stirring through the shrimp to blend, and cook about 1 minute longer.

Divide into 4 servings and sprinkle each with chervil. Accompany with thin slices of oven-toasted Italian or French bread. Makes 4 servings.

From: NDSU Extension Service

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