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Green Beans Al Forno

From CSA member Anne Buggy,  My Mom’s Green Beans Al Forno
Here are the directions from Anne:

After steaming the green beans, drain and pat dry.
Transfer the beans to a large bowl. In a separate bowl mix 1 tsp. salt, pepper to taste, 1 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley, 3 chopped garlic cloves, 2-3 tsp. fresh oregano, 3 tbsp. seasoned breadcrumbs. (Anne used gluten free Panko) and 2 tbsp. grated Romano cheese. Add to the beans and toss to combine. Then spread the beans evenly onto a baking pan.

While the green beans were steaming, I cooked 1/2 lb. bacon until crispy, reserving the bacon fat in a jar.
Chop and Add the bacon to the green bean mixture and stir. Then drizzle some of the bacon fat (1-2 Tb?) and 1-2 tbsp. olive oil over the beans.
Bake for 30 minutes uncovered at 350.
I am preparing and tasting. I have not measured anything. Just going with taste. I will put these beans in the oven after work tonight. I have the beans steamed and the herbs and garlic mixed in. I am going to drizzle with just olive oil. I am not going to add the bacon and the flavor is already fabulous.

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