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Herbs packed in salt

This idea is from The Herb Society’s website suggested layering basil

(Herb) leaves in sea salt.  I couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you!

Starting in a 14-ounce plastic container with a tight fitting lid, pour a layer of kosher salt to cover the bottom. Add a single layer of basil leaves-not overlapping-cover them with salt and continued the process until the container is full. Months later the refrigerated leaves should emerge still well-preserved. They will have a sort of papery texture however this method is said to keep the integrity of the fresh basil. The salt doesn’t take on any notable basil flavor so you may be able to recycle it back into everyday use.

Some sources have said that the basil will survive for up to a year.

Some say that it will last a few months.  Either way I thought that this might be worth a try for all the herbs that we receive in the shares.

This should work with all fresh herbs. 

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