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Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

6 – 8 apples, cores and peels from (our sustainable apples)
2 tablespoons honey water
water, to cover
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (optional)

You can use the apples for something and save the peels and cores. Place the cores and peels in a large, wide-mouthed jar. I used a 4-cup jar, but you can adjust the size of the jar to the amount of apple scraps you’re using.

Cover the scraps with water and stir in the honey. Add the apple cider vinegar is using(this may help to jump start the process of fermenting). If possible, use an unfiltered vinegar, like Bragg’s or Heinz. This wasn’t in the original recipe, but recommended by another blogger.

Place a paper towel on top of the jar, and secure it with a band.  Let the mixture soak for 2 weeks in a dark place, and then strain out the liquid.  Return the liquid to the jar and cover it again with a paper towel and band. Leave it for 4 more weeks, stirring daily.  Taste it and see if it has the acidity you would like. If it does, transfer it to a covered bottle for storage. If not, leave it in the wide-mouthed jar for a little while longer, checking every few days.


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