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Polenta with Corn & Roasted Tomatoes

1 C Polenta (or grits)
2 ears of Alstede Fresh Corn, kernels removed
1/4 cup salted Butter
1/3 cup soft Goat Cheese
1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

Start tomato preparation. Roast tomatoes while you are making the polenta on the stovetop.
Prepare polenta in water or broth according to package directions. Polenta will take 30 – 35 minutes to cook. About 10 minutes before polenta is ready add the corn kernels and stir through.
When the polenta is tender, add the butter, cheeses, and salt and pepper to taste.
Pour polenta into a large shallow bowl and top with roasted tomatoes.
Garnish with an additional sprinkle of cheese and some basil and oregano sprigs.
If serving later, pour polenta into a prepared oiled 9×9” baking pan top with tomatoes cover lightly with oiled parchment paper and then foil. Refrigerate. Remove the pan before baking to bring back to room temperature. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake covered for 35- 40 minutes.

Roasted Tomato Topping
Chop 2-3 medium-large tomatoes sprinkle with salt, set aside for 20 minutes, drain.
Blend the tomatoes with: Chopped basil and oregano, Minced garlic, parmesan cheese, a drizzle of good olive oil.
Line a baking sheet with parchment. Pour tomato mixture onto the pan and spread out for a thin layer of the tomatoes.
Bake in an oven pre-heated to 425 degrees for about 30 minutes. Checking every 1 -15 minutes to see if tomatoes are cooking too quickly.
Tomatoes should be slightly charred on the edges when ready. If not caramelized and a little charred roast an additional 10 minutes
Serve as a side dish, bake on top of a pizza or polenta, puree for a tomato sauce or add vegetable broth for roasted tomato soup.

Recipe & Photo provided by Jenn Borealo, Culinary & Education Specialist at Alstede Farms

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