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Preparing Corn

No matter how many years you spend on the farm it is always a big day when the first Home Grown Corn comes into the market. This year it was on Thursday, The varieties were both white and bi color. Everyone has a favorite. I always say that white is just a little sweeter and bi-color has more character. Preparation of either is the same.

First, we pick the corn before sunrise each day. Serving corn on the day of picking will give you the best and the sweetest flavor. As corn ages the sugar turns to starch and the flavor will change. Use the corn as soon as possible.

Shuck the corn as close to serving time as possible. The corn husk actually does protect the corn from heat keeping it sweet and fresh.  To help remove silk, very gently rub with a terry towel or run under water while rubbing.  To boil corn, bring a pot of water to a boil and add the corn, boil 3-4 minutes and remove. To steam, place the corn in a steamer basket over boiling water and steam or 6-8 minutes.

To grill corn, remove the silk without removing husk. Soak the corn that is covered with husk by submerging in cool water for 10-15 minutes. Prepare your grill. Remove the corn from water and drain well. Be sure to remove all excess water! Place the corn on the grill and cover. On a gas grill the heat should be medium high, turn after 5-8 minutes. On a charcoal grill check after 5 minutes, it may take a little longer. The husk will brown; the corn is steaming on the inside from the water that was soaked into the husk. After turning to all sides the husk should be brown and little charred at the top. There is no exact timing, all grills are different. This is just one method of grilling.

At farm camp we place the corn on the hot embers of a camp fire. I have had corn that is completely cleaned placed on the grill so that the kernels are brown. With this method the grill lid is down and you need to stay nearby to turn often, every few minutes! This method gives the most grilled, barbequed flavor.
Serving corn after cooking. My choice just as it is. Some other choices, salt, pepper, butter, herb butters, or a sprinkle of lime it is certainly a personal choice.

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