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Quick Russian Sauerkraut

What you’ll need

From your share:
2 lbs. shredded cabbage

From your kitchen:
2 carrots grated
2 T kosher salt
1 liter bottle of spring water
3 T white sugar

Mix cabbage and carrots in a large ceramic or glass jar at least 1
gallon in volume. Stir salt into spring water in a large bowl until
dissolved; pour over cabbage mixture which should be completely
submerged. Use an inverted small saucer to keep pressure on
cabbage to keep it submerged in the liquid.

Cover container with a clean kitchen towel. Poking holes through
the cabbage mixture to the bottom of the container with the
handle of a wooden spoon to help gas escape once a day, keep on
counter at room temperature for 3 days.

Pour a small amount of the liquid from the container into a small
bowl; stir sugar into the liquid until dissolved. Return the liquid
to the container. Cover container, again assuring the vegetables
are submerged in liquid. Keep on counter for 2 days more, again
poking holes into the mixture to help trapped gasses escape daily.
Transfer vegetables and liquid to jars, seal, and refrigerate between

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