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Refrigerator Cucumber Salad

4 thinly sliced cucumbers – 4 thinly sliced
Red onions – 1 large, sliced
Green bell peppers – 1 large, sliced (or color of your choice)
Salt – 1 tbsp.
White Vinegar – 2 cup
Sugar – 1 1/2 cups (for my family I cut the sugar in half but if I was taking it somewhere I would add the sugar)
Celery Flakes – 1 tsp
Red Pepper Flakes – 1 tsp

Mix cucumbers, onions, peppers and salt; set aside.

Put vinegar, sugar, celery flakes and pepper flakes in a pot and bring to a boil. Once mixture comes to a boil remove from heat and add 2 handfuls of ice until melted.

Place all veggies in large mouth canning jars (2 quarts or 1 half gallon jar).

Pour mixture over cucumbers, store in refrigerator. Will keep up to 2 months.

Makes 2 quart jars- amount will differ based on the size of your veggies. I made mine with fresh from the garden so they may have been smaller than store bought.

From: Recipeswelove.net

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