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Alstede Fresh Popcorn

Homegrown Popped Corn

Alstede Fresh Homegrown Popped Corn

To pop a corncob:

Place one dried corn cob into a paper bag, do not add anything else. Lunch size bags will work however the larger size brown lunch bag is even better, keeping all of the corn inside the bag. That being said, too large is not good either. There will not be enough moisture for keeping the bag from burning. Fold the top of the bag over a couple of times to seal the bag. Place the bag in the microwave.
Use the “popcorn” setting on your microwave to pop the popcorn or you can set for 3 minutes. Do not leave the room and “listen” when the popping slows down as it does for packaged popcorn, stop the microwave. Popcorn can start to burn quickly at this point if left in the microwave. Use caution as you open the bag, it can be hot and the corn cob itself is very hot. When the cob cools a little you can pick the corn off the cob. If popped kernels are stuck to the cob you can pick them off.

Place the popped kernels into a bowl and top with your favorite flavors. Try drizzling melted Amish butter and Himalayan sea salt or eat without butter or salt to your liking. Or use your favorite cinnamon and sugar mixture as you would for toast or French toast to create a sweet popped corn. We carry a large variety of spices including corn cob seasoning, curry seasonings, Cajun seasonings, as well as adobo seasoning that can add flavor to your popped corn. Or go a little exotic and use Jamaican Jerk or Chinese Five Spice seasoning or Moroccan seasoning to create your own truly unique and flavorful popcorn.
If preferred, popcorn can be removed from the cob and stored in a cool dry place and then popped using the stovetop method which is to pop in vegetable oil in a pan with a tight fitting lid.

Farm Kitchen Tip – Popcorn is it’s own specific seed, it is not sweet corn that is left to dry. The husk is brown when harvested. The corn is husked and left to dry for weeks after harvest making it the perfect winter snack and unique holiday stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the ultimate foodie!

Recipe & photo provided by Jenn Borealo
Culinary & Education Specialist at Alstede Farms

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