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Easy Kale Chips


•    1 medium bunch or more of kale
•    1-2  tablespoons good olive oil or cooking spray
•   kosher salt to taste or use sprinkle of brewers yeast or parmesan cheese for flavoring


1.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2.    Wash kale leaves and dry very well with a towel or use your salad spinner.
3.    Using a sharp knife, trim out the main stem and ribs and compost. Chop the remaining kale into approximately two-inch pieces.
4.    Place kale on a parchment lined cookie sheet adding oil and seasonings and toss ensuring to coat leaves with olive oil.
5.    Lay kale in a single layer on the baking sheet so that all cooks at same time. Don’t overcrowd your cookie sheet or they won’t crisp properly.
6.    Bake for approximately 8 minutes until crisp continually monitoring them to ensure they don’t burn.
7.    Remove your baking sheet from the oven and let cool before serving. If desired you may place in plastic zip top bag or silicone bag and keep for up to one week.

Farm Kitchen Tip – Kale chips are a great healthy anytime snack. They are great sprinkled as a garnish on rice or pasta dishes too for an extra crunch and boost of nutrition. Try experimenting with different seasonings for a new type of chip every time.





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